Successful in the municipal sector

On Wednesday, 18 September 2019, KOMWAG a.s, our successful Czech private-public partnership for street cleaning and garbage collection in Prague, was awarded the Czech Superbrands Award for 2019. (www.komwag.cz)

The Czech Superbrands program has been active in the Czech Republic for seven years and has achieved a prestigious position during its existence. Also this year, the most successful brands from more than one million registered brands were selected on the Czech market.

However, only the best brands are titled "Superbrands", through independent tricycle benchmarking across dozens of categories, with a focus on business performance, the expert opinion of the Brand Council, or consumer researches. The Brand Council includes professionals from business, communications, marketing and other industries.

The Czech Superbrands Tribute Event honored the traditional Czech Superbrands in 2019 and presented the history, achievements, values ​​and corporate social responsibility activities behind the award-winning brands. An overview can be found at www.czechsuperbrands.com.

Superbrands is the most respected independent global brand and rating agency. Superbrands are a sign of the special status and recognition of the brand's unique position in the local market. The Superbrands Seal recognizes brands with an outstanding reputation - customers associate significant values ​​with them and maintain a personal relationship with them. Since its founding in the UK, the project has gained worldwide recognition. Today, the Superbrands Award is a special award that annually recognizes the best of the best brands in more than 90 countries on 5 continents based on consistent criteria and methods.