You are looking for quality, professionalism and loyalty? With us you are right!

7 good reasons to trust REIWAG Facility Services

    1. Excellent references. Many customer relationships, for example with Allianz, are existing for more than 40 years!
    2. Hardly fluctuation. Our employees appreciate REIWAG and we appreciate the loyalty and seniority of our employees. The huge number of employee’s jubiliees testifies it.
    3. Highest solvency. The ranking of KSV 1870 confirmed REIWAG the best credit rating of all comparable companies
    4. Highly awarded Tested by a variety of national and international organizations and approved: REIWAG is Europe 's Top 500, Austria 's Hidden Champion and Business Superbrand Austria. KR Viktor Wagner is pleased with the title Entrepreneur of the Year.
    5. Fully flexible. We are committed to the goal of making our customers' wishes fulfilled. This is the basis of our more than 100 years of success.
    6. Quality made to measure. Fabulous assessments by our customers reflect the quality of our services! Perfect quality is paying off for customers, for our employees, for REIWAG.
    7. Perfect network. Memberships and functions in the prestigious domestic and foreign interest groups ensure that we are always on the most current state of knowledge about the latest developments in the sector.

      These 7 reasons are only some arguments which speak for the REIWAG Facility Services. We still have to offer even more!