Important Facts

Reiwag Facility Services Group is one of the leading companies providing comprehensive services in Facility Management in Central Europe.

REIWAG Facility Services Kft was established in 2004 as the Slovakian subsidiary company of the innovative Austrian REIWAG Facility Services GmbH. The more than 100 years of tradition of the mothers company enabled our employees from the very beginning to meet the growing demands of the market, with serious professional background and infrastructure given by the company.

Our parent company REIWAG Facility Services GmbH has received several times the honour to be a part of "Europe top 500" which is an award for the fastest growing companies in Europe. We owed this honour to our 2900 employees and an annual turnover of more than 60 millions Euro. Meanwhile the REIWAG Facility Services Group is represented in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania.

Thanks to the capital-strong background our customers can continuously enjoy the advantages of the most modern technologies and developments used by us. We place an especially great emphasis on choosing our suppliers throughout Europe.Due to our international relations and our size we receive immediately access to information of the newest cleaning equipment and innovations which we use for the rise of the satisfaction level of our customers.

We select our cleaning forces in a multistage selection procedure. When selecting our staff we place the emphasis on the demands of our Clients.

We offer a service package that fulfils the highest European standard regarding both the cleaning staff and the cleaning technologies as well. To reach a professional and efficient service, our colleagues take part constantly in trainings and continuing education. We place especially big value of regular industrial safety trainings and constant control of the observance of the safety regulations.

The base element of our quality control system is the monthly regular evaluating questionnaire, which we continuously analyse, answer the possible questions immediately and fulfil the requests of our clients. As a reference we would be pleased to demonstrate you our customer satisfaction even dating back to the past years.

Furthermore the management and working processes of our company are based on the system of ISO 9001 where we are certificated.

The development dynamics of the Slovakian REIWAG Facility Services company derives from the customer-oriented conception of the parent company and from the continuously growing number of satisfied clients who have already relied on us repeatedly. REIWAG Facility Services Slovakia is serving already more than 500 000 m².

Due to the wide range of our services, we can provide professional quality at cleaning office buildings, industry, logistic parks, shopping malls and health care. Our current portfolio consists of customers in each sector that is mentioned above.

As we believe that the cudtomer could benefit from the complexity of providing services, the part of our complex Facility management services, apart from object management, property management and cleaning services also complementary services, such as reception services, security services, alpine technology, gardening, winter maintenance, the purchasing of office equipment or catering services.


We hope that we will have an oportunity to convince you about the level and quality of our services an we would be glad if you could join our family of our satisfied customers.